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Gramvaani has a rich history of developing mixed media content that includes audio-video stories, developing reports based on surveys conducted with population cut off from mainstream media channels and publishing research papers that helps in changing the way policies are designed for various schemes. Our blog section is curation of those different types of content.

Software Engineer – Technology Development

admin 9 July 2021

Gram Vaani (www.oniondev.com) is a social technology enterprise that leverages technology at scale to empower communities to transform their lives. We are global leaders in using cutting edge technologies, but designed and deployed in appropriate ways so that our platforms are inclusive and accessible, bring responsible outcomes, and are geared towards building an equitable and just society. We started in 2009, incubated out of IIT Delhi, and are now a team of 70+ professionals with a diverse skillset that includes full-stack developers, AI/ML wizards, development communications and journalism experts, community organizers and mobilizers, creative content authors and recording artists, and business development and programme management teams. We work across 15 states in India and several African countries. Over a million users engaged with our platforms during the COVID-19 lockdown last year. We have built technologies that power community radio stations, deliver health and nutrition advice to millions of women Self Help Group members, build solidarity among labour union members and social movement activists, and hold local governments accountable to provide quality social protection to vulnerable families. If you are looking for a place where you can put your technological skills to increase humanism in society then Gram Vaani is the place for you – you will not only bring impact to millions of people, you will also learn how to build and use technology meaningfully in ways that can genuinely make the world a better place.
Opening for Software Engineer – Technology Development
We are working on a rich, varied and exciting technology stack which is at the cutting edge of multitudes of technologies.
It incorporates the following:
– AI/ML for audio processing and language understanding (NLP/NLU) so that even less-literate people are able to perform sophistated functions through their mobile phones
– These functions include automated question-answering using BERT deep-learning based models on sexual health, labour rights, maternal and child nutrition, and agriculture, among other topics.
– Added to it is a voicebot that performs better than Google’s Dialog Flow at entity extraction in local Indian languages, built on top of libraries like Polyglot and iNLTK
– These are delivered on an inbuilt distributed and scalable IVR stack which has served more than a 3 million users and 150 global and national partners
– And an entirely voice-driven Android stack which brings urban/semi-urban users to the community as well, to ask question, register grievances, and mentor peers
– A rich Analytics system which is at the heart of understanding the engagement and impact of different social sector interventions
– Computer Vision for Optical Scanning of handfilled health data forms so that paper-based forms can be digitized in real time, to run predicted analytics with a whole range of applications
We are looking for a technology professional to lead the engineering team, who can be a socially conscious leader to inspire his/her team and work in a fast-paced environment across a dynamic technology spectrum, at ease with learning new skills and technologies. We welcome people with varied skill sets but the current priority/role requires experience mentoring teams, hands-on full stack development, and a suitable experience/expertise of working on AI / ML. The full stack experience should ideally be in Python/Django with experience of relational databases and web front end technologies like Angular / React. Below are the criteria for applying to the position –
Must have skills and experience
• 2-3 years of Android experience
• Excellent problem-solving, debugging and troubleshooting skills
• Should have made at least 1 App from scratch
• years of experience working with python-based web development framework like Django/Flask or fluency in version management using GIT
• Execute full lifecycle software development
• Should be good in DSA
• Write well designed, testable, efficient code
• Produce specifications and determine operational feasibility
• Tailor and deploy software tools, processes and metrics
• Serve as a subject matter expert
Highly valued skills
• Mobile App design and development for Android platform
• Experience developing around Free switch or Asterisk.
• Experience with Google’s Dialog flow, Amazon Alexa skills
• Experience designing and building Micro-Services on cloud-based platforms
• Use of AWS lambda, API Gateways, Azure, GCP etc.
• Experience working with modern BI systems and Data-Analytics.
• Experience in AI/ML technologies for NLP/NLU or Computer vision
The Gram Vaani culture
We are a lean company and growing quickly. This means the chosen candidate will need to be
very comfortable managing rapidly changing requirements and accordingly envision, build and
deploy new strategies and tactics to quickly respond. The person will need to make the most out
of limited resources and be able to work and act independently to lead the assignment. The
upside to our methods is that we are building a business that has never been seen before by
providing highly desired services to millions of people who have consistently been underlooked
by existing service providers. The position will be at the vanguard of this transformative
opportunity and working with us will be an amazing, highly rewarding experience.
• Opportunity to work with a world-class team driving innovative tech-led solutions positively impacting underserved communities around the world.
• Opportunity to lead a team and build new products from scratch
• Opportunity to influence the Company strategy. We are a small team and your say matters.
• Salaries at par with industry standards.
• Attractive employee stock options.
• Flexible working hours, work-from-home, and remote working options with prior approvals.
Write to us
While the position is based out of New Delhi, our flexible work from home policy does provide team
members with the option of working from the location of their choice, while they stay connected to
their teams using virtual tools. We do strongly encourage team members across functions to travel to
various parts of the country, to interact and engage with the communities we work with, helping build
empathy and a strong understanding of the user needs.
Please email your CV to kanika.wadehra@oniondev.com and rachit.pandey@oniondev.com
Media coverage:
• A press release from Dvara Research & Gram Vaani, speaking about our collaborative work, highlighting the issues ailing the delivery of Social entitlements in India.
• Mobile Vaani solution for reducing exclusion wins the Global Prize for Mission Billion Challenge • https://id4d.worldbank.org/missionbillion • https://oniondev.com/?p=3864
• Dasra, Improving Governance in India, and Leveraging Mobiles for Governance
• https://www.dasra.org/cause/improving-governance-in-india
• https://www.dasra.org/cause/leveraging-mobiles-for-governance
• GSMA case study on Mobile Vaani:
• UNESCO-Pearson Initiative for Literacy: Case study on Mobile Vaani:
• A video about Gram Vaani and our development approach: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcN53jWJj1I
• A video about Mobile Vaani, filmed by TimesNow for the Amazing Indians program:

Gram Vaani has won several awards and received global recognition over the years:
• Knight News Challenge in 2008 for low-cost technology for community radio stations
• Manthan Awards in 2009 for innovations in technology for development
• Economic Times Power of Ideas awards in 2010 for our unique business model
• mBillionth South Asia Award in 2012 and 2014 for innovations in journalism for rural areas
• Grand Challenges Rising Stars award in 2012 for improving health services in rural areas using technology.
• Flame Rural Marketing Award in 2014 for our unique advertising and marketing model
• Grand Challenges Canada award in 2016 for promoting WaSH practices in rural communities.
• NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum Challenge 2016 for our multi-layered development model through technology
• Grand Challenges India award in 2018 for immunization behaviour change through technology.
• Grand Challenges Explorations award in 2018 for promoting vaccine equity in underserved
• communities.
• Winner of USAID’s WomenConnect Challenge Round One in 2018
• Finalists in the Equals in Tech award in 2018 for helping bridge the digital gender divide.
• Winner under the category of ‘Building beneficiary awareness’ as part of the Ayushman Bharat – PMJAY Start-up grand challenge 2020.
• Winner of World Bank #MissionBillion Challenge
• Inducted as a Member of the ‘Million Lives Club’
• Finalist: Agami prize 2020.

Job Category: Full Time
Openings: Full Time
Job Location: Delhi/NCR

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